Culotta Creations = Kristin Culotta

Culotta Creations is a stained glass studio specializing in commission based projects, modern home decor, small & large window panels, cabinet panels & installation art.   
CUSTOM designs are a huge part of our business & we are always accepting requests.   
We also offer wholesale & consignment, workshops & private instruction. 

Kristin Culotta is a full time stained glass artist based in Camas, Washington.  Her design aesthetic is highly influenced by the Bauhaus design principles, Art Deco, geometric abstraction, geometric minimalism and modern and organic architecture.  Her work seeks to highlight the ultimate simplicity of the craft within the foundational elements- color, texture and light.

Kristin earned her BFA in Fine Art Photography from California State University Long Beach, focusing exclusively within black & white traditional and experimental techniques.  After working briefly in the industry during the dawn of the digital camera era in the early 2000’s, she switched gears to translate her early years of restaurant work experience into a career in Food & Beverage.  She worked in a variety of roles throughout the years, from independent restaurant management & consulting into corporate hospitality as Director of Food & Beverage Operations for boutique hotel companies including The Standard Hotel and Proper Hospitality Group.   

In 2014 she stumbled across a stained glass studio in Pasadena, California, purchased some supplies on a whim and immediately fell into a deep obsession with the craft.  With no time to take classes, she devoured every available resource (extremely minimal before the YouTube/Instagram boom) & made friends with the owner of her local glass shop who became a close mentor throughout her journey. 

 After nearly 4 years of obsessive practice perfecting the craft, Kristin left her 18+ year hospitality career and Culotta Creations was established in 2018.  Shortly after, she moved out of the Southern California concrete jungle with her husband and furry family pack & landed in the Pacific Northwest forest. 
She currently works out of her studio workshop on their 3 acre property surrounded by nature & wildlife.  She has a team of assistants comprised of a few talented local stained glass artists: Madison Olson, LaRhea Phillips & Laurel Vonderau.  

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