Culotta Creations = Kristin Culotta

Culotta Creations is an independent stained glass studio making everything from home decor to large window panels & installation art.  
CUSTOM designs are a huge part of our business & I am always accepting requests.   
We also offer WHOLESALE and Consignment, Workshops & private instruction. 

My design aesthetic is highly influenced by geometric & organic architecture, Art Deco, minimalism & mixed sacred geometry.  I am lucky enough to have a team of studio assistants / local stained glass artists, Madison Olson & LaRhrea Phillips as helping hands with all of the detailed work that goes into this craft. 

more about me: 
I grew up in Long Beach, California as an only child & was fortunate enough to be exposed to a few key elements that would heavily influence my life: travel, food, music and art. I earned my BFA in Fine Art Photography and have explored all different mediums of art throughout the past few decades. 
In 2014 I delved into the craft of stained glass and immediately became obsessed. In 2018 I switched career gears & left my career in corporate F&B hospitality to focus exclusively on Culotta Creations.  
In the rare moments I am not "working my dream job" (& making instagram reels) there is  ALWAYS a project or chores to attend to around our 3 acre property in Camas, Washington ! :) 
Otherwise I am just enjoying time  with my free range chickens, crazy tabby cat Layla, two dogs George + EllieJellyBelly, my husband .. and any other wildlife (deer, bunny rabbits, coyotes..) that always finds its way into my world :)  

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